About Us

We are an engineering company that specialises in Telecommunications and satellite engineering

We provide great services and ideas

Our Engineers handle Microwave link engineering which includes detailed link engineering, path engineering analysis, line of site survey, technical site survey and well-documented survey reports.

KAJAB has professionals that are well-trained and knowledgeable in handling Network Optimization and RF Sites planning which includes RF Site Survey, RF Planning, RF Optimization, Drive Test, Drive Test Data Analysis and project management. KAJAB also engages in In-Building Solutions and Distributed Antenna System deployment.

We have gained sufficient experiences in the installation of the equipment of world leaders in Electrical systems and ICT equipment. Such equipment includes Harris Microstar, Aviat Truepoint radios, Eclipse Teltronics PABX, NERA radio Equipment, Ericsson minilink radios, Aviat CTR, Huawei Radios, Tellabs DWDM/DXX equipment and so on. We also have sufficient experience in the design and installation of ELP such as copper cables and Fibre Optics cables and Maintenance of Enterprise Radio across the states of Nigeria. We currently maintain about 1,800 Enterprise links across all the States of Nigeria.

Our Services

We offer the following services and are not limited to those listed below.

Engineering Suppport Services

  • Design, Supply and Installation of Transmission Networks such as Microwave, Fibre Optics, copper systems and so on.
  • Erection and maintenance of Telecoms Masts.
  • Line-of-sight survey for Microwave Transmission network for both Access and Long-Haul Microwave
  • Frequency Sweep for Trunking Microwave as well as Access Microwave.
  • Microwave Network planning and designs using Pathloss, etc.
  • Installation and commissioning of Backbone, access/Enterprise Microwave radios
  • Installation and testing of RF network
  • Drive test on Operators’ network and reporting
  • Installation and commissioning of BTS
  • Integrated Site Maintenance Services.
  • Survey, supply and implementation of OSP for Fibre Optics Infrastructure; Metro and long haul.
  • Design and Implementation of Structure office cabling.
  • Design, supply and installation of Electrical systems both industrial and domestic.
  • Supply and installation of PABX systems.
  • Installation of Fibre Monitoring system.
  • Installation of Synchronisation equipment such as SSUs, etc.
  • Supply and installation of inventory Management systems for assets management and so on.

Maintenance Support

KAJAB ENGINEERING SERVICES helps in reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of our clients by providing adequate maintenance culture with focus on value-for-money in the following areas:

  • Maintenance support of Electrical systems in the laboratories, factory floors, industrial building and in the residential homes
  • Managed Services of Fibre OSP, Base Stations, etc.
  • Maintenance of the PABX (Intercom) systems
  • Maintenance of Tellabs DWDM and DXX
  • Maintenance of Telecommunication systems such as radio links, leased circuits, etc
  • Maintenance of Enterprise Radio across the states of Nigeria. We currently maintained about 1,800 Enterprise links across all the States of Nigeria.

consultancy Services

KAJAB ENGINEERING SERVICES provides professional engineering services including:

  • Analysis of client’s immediate and medium term ICT requirements to produce a User Specification Requirement document.
  • System design encompassing ICT infrastructure, channel routing and multiplexing, Local Area Network, Wide Area networking, remote premises access, etc.
  • Link and Site Survey for transmission infrastructure encompassing transmission path survey, Site survey for BTS and Microwave Hop sites and Transmission infrastructure using industry standard documentation, tools and test Equipment.
  • Drive Test : This include conducting drive test of operators coverage areas and preparation of reports.
  • Interoperability investigations and testing to ensure network component compatibility and conformance to the regulators and standard KPI.
  • Training
    • Installation staff on the Transmission Installation and commissioning;
    • Technical staff on data interfaces, signals and testing standards
    • Maintenance staff on the support of voice and data services;
    • Computer appreciation

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2, Adekoya Square, Behind Anthony Police Station, Anthony Village, Lagos

Suite 5, No 24 Old Aba Road
Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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